mox drawing comic strips
Alejandro Moreno-Ramos is a full-time freelance English & French to (European) Spanish translator, living between Spain and France. He holds a MSc in Electromechanical Engineering and worked as an Energy Engineer for 5 years until he realized that he wanted a real job.

He does only boring technical translations and happily works for not-so-evil translation agencies. His favorite areas of translation are: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Energy and Civil Engineering (you got it, he likes Engineering).

When Crados crashes (not so often) and he gets too angry to continue translating, he takes a break and works on his dissertation in order to get a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

You may contact him at Please note that he receives lots of emails, so please try to be concise.


From 2017, the strips are drawn by Santiago Astor (you can tell the difference!). Santiago is a professional illustrator and professor at the Central University of Venezuela.