mox, freelance translator

Mox is a young but well educated translator. Two PhDs, six languages... and he hardly earns minimum wage.

lena, mox's girlfriend

Lena is Mox's girlfriend. She will never understand why all translation projects are urgent and tries to convince Mox that there is indeed a world outside his computer.

calvo, senior translator

Calvo is a senior translator who went to the dark side. He is believed to be an excellent linguist who prefers to use Google translate. He enjoys charging abusive fees (if such a concept even exists).

Pam, the evil Project Manager

Pam, the evil PM, is a Project Manager at a big translation agency. One of her hobbies is torturing freelance translators just for fun.

Bill, Mox's direct client

Bill, the direct client, is the head of a department in a multinational company. He believes that a translator is “someone who speaks languages”.

Mina & Orange, translators' pets
Mina Orange. Freelancers often have pets. They would probably be surprised when realize that they can read their pets’ thoughts…

Crados is the most used CAT tool in Mox's universe. Crados is slow, complex and buggy. Any resemblance to actual CAT tools is purely coincidental.