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This comic strip is published for you, so enjoy it! However, that does not mean that the images are free or copyleft.

If you want to post one of my cartoons in your professional or personal blog, you are free to do so. All I ask in return is to include a link to the source and to not abuse this privilege (e.g. not copying 10 cartoons in a row!). Also, please, do not cut or alter the images in any way.

Do you want to use a carton in a presentation? You may do it for free, but please include a link to the source.

If you desire to include them in a book, magazine, newsletter, etc., please write me beforehand for permission and I will analyze on a case-by-case basis (so far, I have authorized almost all requests for free).

Do you want a license to merchandise Mox's products? Contact me and we will talk about it!

Please note that I reserve the right to modify these conditions at any time.