Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 How to deal with illiterate clients


  1. :-D

    This exact situation has happened to me
    (soy traductora tambien :)

    hilarious! (but of course VERY embarrassing when it is actually taking place).

  2. I was thinking of writing a post on this very subject, but you've said it all, so I might not bother...

  3. Fantastic, you made me laugh for 5 minutes! If only we could say these things, imagine how differently our profession might be seen. ;)

  4. Delirious, I hope you did not lost the client. Did you answer as Calvo did?

    Céline, please do write it! I find it is an extremely interesting subject and you can add the strip if you want.

    Thanks Ashleigh and welcome to the blog! Your comment just gave me an idea for another post

  5. A recent favourite translation assignment is a review of a Sufi inspired novel where the reviewer out-Sufi's the Sufis in transcendental allusions and liminal sentences.
    I can present a good translation which reads well in the target language but the challenge is which of the many possible alleyways of meaning is the one the reviewer wanted the reader to walk down...


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