Friday, October 9, 2009

4 Mox's blog needs you

Want to share some funny experience with your fellow translators?

How many times did your CAT tool crash?

Why are all translation projects urgent?

Have you ever worked for peanuts?

Are there hidden perks in the profession?

Reality often beats fiction. Suggest me new ideas for new cartoons and share your stories with your fellow translators!

You may post your suggestions as a comment to any post, or drop me a line at


  1. I don't know how much this applies to translators in other countries, but in Lebanon (a trilingual country) most people ak me when they learn I'm a translator: "Oh wow, how many languages do you know??" When I answer: "My working languages are Arabic, English, and French, and I also know Spanish", their typical reply is: "Only?!!!"

  2. Delirious, thank you very much for your comment, I'll make a strip out of it in the following weeks. I can empathize with you, last year I lived in another trilingual country, Luxembourg, and I experienced the same situation :)

  3. Me encanta Mox, mil felicidades. He aquí algunas ideas en inglés para lo que puedan leer todos:

    1) Endless price-dumping negotiations with potential clients
    2) Gentle client education = explaining the lingo
    3) Do you translate in court? "No, I am a legal translator. In writing. On paper." "So can you send a legal translator to my immigration hearing tomorrow to help me translate?" Something funny about translation/interpretation.
    4) Something funny about constant price under-cutting and how that is bad for everyone - which is at the cornerstone of what we preach: there will always be someone who will do it cheaper than you.
    5) Something about unrealistic expectations, such as a a hard-core multinational and multilingual contract, 100 pages, in 2 days? It happens all the time.

    Felicidades, eres un genio. :) ¿Podríamos imprimir una de tus caricaturas en el boletií de nuestra asociació de traductores? Soy la VP de la Nevada Interpreters and Translators Association ( Te voy a mandar un mensaje electrónico.

  4. Muchas gracias Judy por tus comentarios.

    All five are good ideas and I liked specially #3, it happens to me all the time!

    Me halaga que queráis imprimir una mis caricaturas. Espero tu mensaje.


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