Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 How capitalism works

Based on an idea by Mykhailo Voloshko. Mykhailo is an English <> Russian & English <> Ukranian translator, engineer, and also one of the first Mox's followers!

Do not forget to check his website, which features a compilation of translation humor and books for teaching English to children.


  1. It so happens that I work at an aerospcae company as an engineer, and work as a translator in my free time (yes, the mortgage...).

    I happened to know that there was an aircraft contract from Holland. legally, they had to write the call for tender in Dutch, so the company sent it for translation to an agency. Somebody told me that they asked for 0.27€/word. The "funny" thing is that the agency contacted ME (without knowing whom I was working for) and offered me 0.05€/word!

    So it's not a joke, it's the sad truth.... 8>(

  2. Ramon Somoza,

    Thanks for the story!
    And sorry... :)

  3. @Ramon: that is a very sad story. When someone offers a rate that unprofessionally low, we usually just hit the delete button, as it doesn't even warrant a professional response.

    @Alejandro: we simply love your cartoons, too funny. We took the liberty of linking to it from our blog this morning because we want more people to see it. Please keep them coming; they are just hilarious! We were also thinking that perhaps the ATA Chronicle might want to publish some of them. Feel free to contact Judy to discuss. She is a contributor to the ATA Chronicle.

  4. Ramón: thanks for sharing your story. Reality surpasses Mox once again!

    Judy & Dagmar: thanks so much your post! Also,
    the ATA Chronicle idea is very interesting. I have many plans for Mox but (luckily) not enough time...

  5. Luckily for us, we an just say no.


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