Wednesday, December 30, 2009

10 First come, first served

Based on an idea by Géraldine Chamard, a German and English to French translator based in Paris.


  1. Been there done that!!! :)

  2. Great strip, Alejandro.

    This is something all translators have undergone. The devil is not exactly the image I think of when it happens. I understand you do not want to hurt anyone.

    Happy new year, friends.

  3. Great, Alejandro! Although, I find you strips best when they are based on a reality, but a bit exagerated - that's the spice of humour, I guess. Here, there's no exageration, that's just 100 % true to reality!!!

    It's been a long time since I do not book capacity in advance anymore...

  4. Yeah, the evil PM is not as evil as usual... Nevertheless, it made me laugh :)

    Happy new year, Alejandro!

  5. Tenesor, I can imagine what were you thinking about :)

    Sophie and Rosita, you are right. Unfortunately for us, it's too real and would be funnier a little bit exaggerated. Thanks for making me notice.

  6. Oh my God! Pam the evil PM reminds me of someone very real ;)

  7. I've just found your blog through facebook, and I found it really interesting, not only because of your comics, but also all information on the links. It's great!
    I did English philology, but what I really like is translation. When I finished University, I started working as an English teacher,is the easiest job you can find with languages, as I suppose you know, butI still have in mind to do a little thing on translation with time. Would you recommend me to do a master or a course in translation? I also was thinking on trying to do the exam to become a sworn translator...
    Well, just thanks a lot for your blog, and hope you don't mind to share with me, a complete stranger, a bit of your wisdom.

  8. Welcome Messy Mind! Regarding the sworn translator exam, do not hesitate to take it. If you pass it, it would help you a lot to get new translation customers. Concerning the master or course in translation, check this post, by Pablo Muñoz Sánchez. Pablo carried out a comprehensive research about translation courses in Spain. His posts will help you to decide if it's worth it.

  9. Hi, "Mox"! This is Rafa Lombardino (rlombardino AT wordawareness DOT com) and I'm a translator and instructor. First of all, thanks for the much-needed comic relief. I'm of the mind that we gotta laugh about things like that, otherwise we'd spend all our time crying, and it's hard to see the computer screen and translate when you have teary eyes ;-D

    Second of all, I'm developing an on-line class on Tools & Technology in Translation for the UC San Diego Extension program and I was wondering if I could use this and the "our most talented translator" strip on a couple of slides for the week we'll be talking about working with project managers.

    While presenting different scenarios to translators who may be pretty "green" in dealing with PMs, I wanted to lighten things up and maybe get some chuckles out of the students... By the way, I'm also highly recommending your blog to them, so they can come back for more.

    Well, let me know if you're ok with it and keep up with your great work!

  10. Rafa, thanks for your comment and for recommending Mox's blog to your students.

    I'm sending you an e-mail with details concerning the use of Mox's strips.


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