Wednesday, March 24, 2010

5 How not to handle certain questions (1/2)

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Based on an idea by Ada Gianfreda. Ada is a Mandarin Chinese & English to Italian translator and interpreter.


  1. Geez, that's TOTALLY what I often hear!

  2. Haha, same for me! I've never been so busy, and people keep asking me that famous question!

  3. Too funny! Parties might be good opportunities for client education; or not!

  4. I really hate it when people keep asking me: 'When are you going to find a real/ full-time job then?'

  5. Here's my idea of the day: I've been reading a new book dealing with the issue in question (Wealthy Freelancer) and thinking that freelancers are protagonists of their stories. Life stories. If someone tried to intimidate me mentioning a "real" job, I'd suggest they start earning as much as a successful freelancer does and then judge for themselves what is real and what not. Good luck!


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