Monday, October 11, 2010

4 Entreprenurial Linguist

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I drew this cartoon to illustrate "Entrepreneurial Linguist", a brilliant book by marketing and entrepreneurial geniuses Judy and Dagmar Jenner. I just finished reading it and I wish I had read it before; every single page contains solid advice. I recommend it specially for those who are looking for direct clients.


  1. I'm waiting for my copy to arrive. It's good know that it is worth the price!

  2. We are blushing, mil gracias, Alejandro. Have we mentioned that a brilliant cartoonist/translator drew every single cartoon in the book and that he's amazing? Judy also always shows Mox and Mina cartoons in all her workshops (four or five during each presentation) and people love them. She'll show them at the ATA conference, too. Speaking of.. Alejandro, are you going to Denver? We will both be there and insist on buying you and Helene dinner if you are going. Let us know!

    @Thierry: we hope you like it, too! The cartoons are our favorite part, personally.

  3. I love how she waves her arms up :) I want to be an entrepreneurial linguist too! Thanks Alejandro for the recommendation!

  4. Thierry and Alice, welcome to the "entrepreneurial linguist club" :)

    Judy and Dagmar, thank you for your wonderful book and also for showing Mox cartoons all over the world. This year we are not going to the ATA conference, but thanks for the offer anyway! I specially regret missing your presentation. BTW, I hope that this year they will reserve a bigger room for your conference, I'm sure it will be even more crowded!


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