Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Time Zone Dementia

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Based on an idea by Sarah Dillon, a French, Spanish and German into first-language English. Her blog, There's something about translation, is one of the best out there!


  1. I'll will ==> I'll or I will (or was that done on purpose?)

  2. This one is hilarious!!! (((:

    And true to life. Every hour is a working hour in some country where your clients are based. As they say, 31 (24 7). :)

  3. Thanks Di-Metra, I corrected it. It's great to get a proofreading for free!

    Mykhailo, I didn't know the term "31", maybe I'll use it for a future strip :)

  4. Well, if we're allowed to comment on the English in the cartoon, one does not remark something but remark (or comment) ON it.
    Subtitles always have a lot of mistakes and it's great fun spotting them even if one does not remark loudly on them.

  5. Here's an experience from when I was first starting out as a freelance translator some 34 years ago. I got a phone call from the Sales Director of a local company for which I'd already done several jobs who asked if I could translate Latin. I hesitated, said I'd done A-level Latin and asked him what he needed translating. He said a letter. I asked where it was from and he said Argentina. So in my best tactful voice I said that most people in Argentina speak Spanish, whereupon he asked in his Irish accent (which was no excuse!), "So why is it called Latin America?"

  6. Haha, this is great!! I keep the time on my computer an hour ahead (CET as opposed to BST) so I don't have to take away one hour all the time (it takes a lot of thinking!! ;) ).


  7. Patricia and Cat, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences. I heard that Dan Quayle, Vice President of US, made the same mistake about Latin America (maybe it's a hoax, though).

    Thanks for the correction too, I changed it. Readers are strongly encouraged to comment on the English!

  8. I've just found your blog, and I loved it!
    As a translator, I know how it goes...

  9. Very, very, funny. We go through the same thing, and luckily we have one business partner each on PST (US West Coast) and one on Central European (Austria) -- that helps. Still, Judy is always adding 9 hours and Dagy is a pro at subtracting 9 hours. We get tired just thinking about doing the math for Australia!


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