Wednesday, February 16, 2011

8 Worse than the Crados rate scheme

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  1. "You mean you actually charge for the spaces between words?"
    "I'm afraid so, but if you prefer, I can remove them for you. There is no extra charge and the service can be provided within a reasonably short timescale"

  2. J'ADORE ! RT automatique... Merci !

  3. Oh yes, the world out there is eeeevil - should we have an anti-Count-Cradoscula-flashmob?

  4. Oh gosh, this has definitely happened to me!

    I was once given a document, to be paid on a per word (Crados) basis. I was told everything needed to be similarly abbreviated to less than 20 characters. So not only did I have to deal with abbreviations of multiple technical words (it was engineering parts), these were all bundled into one hyphenated phrase, with .s or -s as separators - if that!

    Some of these software programs seem like mere tools for agencies/end-clients to rip off translators!

  5. I am very old school in this regard. A word is a word. If I translate the word "the" 100 times, then I charge 100 times. I have heard that this is changing a lot, but still, it seems only fair. I have to look at it 100 times. I have to type it and process it 100 times. And it my target language of Spanish, there are several ways to say "the." Still, my clients keep coming back.


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