Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4 Translating autopsy reports

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Based on an idea by Ellen Warkentin, a French to English translator based in Montreal. Ellen keeps a great blog about literary translation: Translation as Art: Felonies of a Botanical Nature.


  1. Ahahah!

    Something similar happened to me last week. I spent all night translating articles about scaring crimes (kind of Jack the Ripper) and, when I finally went to bed, my mind was so filled with negative thoughts that I couldn't sleep for hours.

  2. Scary, scary! Good thing we don't translate sinister (but very necessary) things like autopsy reports. We would so not be able to sleep at night!

  3. It sounds creepy but very understandable as a fellow translator. :) How stressful translating is is not very well recognized if you haven't done it seriously.

  4. Czech and Slovak autopsy reports are usually in Latin - luckily Latin was drummed into us at school from an early age, and most of the terminology is international or at least similar in English, but it does make it look very horror story-like ... and when it comes to the sometimes awkward translation into Latin of 'artificial pacemaker' or 'quadruple bypass', it needs a bit of lateral thinking as well ..


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