Thursday, October 6, 2011

6 Translator Fun

This is the first guest post here on Mox's blog. Until very recently, I thought that this blog would never have guest posts, because I'd like to keep this blog centered about Mox and translation cartoons.

That's why I was so happy to find out about the Translator Fun blog. Mox is not alone in the translation world, Translator Fun is full of (marvelous) translation comics! Its author, Romina Bona, mixes both translation cartoons and exceptional advice in her blog, resulting on lots of fun. Apart from running her blog, Romina is an English into Spanish translator and also works with as community manager and member of the member services team.

Thanks Romina!

This comic was inspired by both an article I came across that reports on the results of a survey to determine trends in pet ownership as it relates to certain professions and by my recent friendship with the genius creator of Mox’s blog, Alejandro Moreno-Ramos.

Alejandro’s work has been a great inspiration for me for a long time. I admire his sense of humor and his unique talent so imagine my excitement when I received his invitation to make a guest post in the widely renowned Mox’s blog (the pressure is on!)

Back to the article that has inspired this comic, it got me thinking about translators and interpreters and their most likely pets. According to the article, editors and writers generally own “reptiles”. Would this also be the trend for translators and interpreters as Mox’s pet, Mina, seems to indicate? I figure that CATs should be also among the top places. And I believe that “birds” must be quite popular among translators fond of social media.

It would be fun to find out if certain pets are “trending” among translators and interpreters like they are in other professions.

Would you like to participate in this “research” and tell your colleagues about you and your pet(s)?

P.S. Thanks Alejandro!


  1. Wow, glad to know that Mox has some competition. This can only benefit those of us who look for brief pauses in our translations.

    Regarding the question about pets, I own a cat (called "Paréntesis). In my view, it's perfect for my personality: nocturnal and always curious :)

  2. Hmm... which cats are mine, the translator, and which belong to the family? Before I ever started translating, we had two cats that are definitely "family pets" and I have a 55g tropical aquarium with mostly barbs of various sizes. When I renovated my home office, I added a small tank with a betta named Marcel (after Proust, of course) for the office itself. Despite being silent in his little aquatic paradise, he is a pleasant companion. He may not talk, but that does not stop me from talking to him :).

  3. Oh, love it! Looks like Mina is not going anywhere, and that's good, because she's our favorite Mox character. We have a CAT (she never crashes!), Junia, who was born in Vegas and used to live with Judy, but she then moved to Europe with Dagy because she was tired of the American health care system (OK, we are projecting). She loves hanging out on top of the scanner and blocking the keyboard.
    Luna is Judy's dog and office assistant --a 100-pound mutt from the pound. She's met Alejandro and loves him. She's half black Lab and half St. Bernard, so she's huge and very fluffy and friendly. She excels at barking at the mail folks and the FedEx people and keeps things interesting during important phone calls (yes, she always barks during important phone calls).

  4. I have a cat. I guess I should have a reptile, since I'm otherwise allergic to furry animals, but I only had a rabbit before, and now a black cat. I didn't name him, since I adopted him at five years of age (his age, not mine), so i won't go into details :-)

  5. I have a CAT, 3 dogs, 3 ponies and a Horse!
    Do I win. :-)

    Satu Wiren

    Love these cartoons!

  6. I have three cats (coincidently enough, I am using 3 CATs). Interesting, that their appearance almost corresponds to the time I started using CAT-tools. I got the oldest one, Anka, when I started using Trados. Last year Anka brought Muska, and I started using memoQ. This year she brought Vaska, and I bought Woordfast. I am afraid I will end like this gamous writer who had 183 cats (he did not have the problem with converting TMs, though).
    I also have a dog called Pif, but somehow he does not match any translation activity:)


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