Friday, January 27, 2012

11 Mina's laws of translation

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  1. Mina is too optimistic, yesterday my Crados 2011 trashed 7 times!

  2. So so true, Crados will ALWAYS crash just before the deadline!

  3. Hehe, these are laws of today. Unless you use QEQOM and deal with respectable clients.

    How old is Mina? She might have lived with other translators before? :)

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  5. Hahaha!

    First point on the Crados Manual should be: "For security reasons, we strongly recommend you to make a backup of your work before planning to do following procedures:
    - when you go get yourself a cup of coffee
    - if you need to go to the toilet
    - if you are going to look away through the window for more than two minutes
    - if you're planning to go to bed (and actually sleep) at night


    1. Thanks, Noema! I'm going to put this into my manual on Crados:)

  6. This is why we don't use crados but cemoQ :-D

  7. Mina is right about the scanned pdfs: We just had a real-world translation project at university, and more than half of the documents were "handwritten pdfs". ...

  8. I have used Crados since version 5.5, translated several million words in it — without a single crash. What am I doing wrong? ;)

  9. Awesome, a strip starring our favorite character: Mina the turtle! Too funny, thanks. Yes, PDFs are quite tough. We have a 20% surcharge for editing PDFs, and it's amazing how quickly the customer will come up with an editable document. :)


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