Friday, February 24, 2012

8 Why you need a personal assistant

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Thanks Anne-Laure for the idea for this strip.


  1. Mox is my favorite character but Calvo is my absolute HERO!

  2. Yes, yes, yes, even worse when there are several versions of the same document....

  3. I need Mr. Iam's services. How much does he earn? I will pay him as double as much!

  4. Absolutely great! (And true, especially in the public sector).

  5. Or... invite them to your project management platform for him to send you new project requests and retrieve their own stuff even if it was something you delivered... 8 years ago! :)

    This is the kind of thing we're all about at bCommunities. An online solution to interconnect your operation (large or tiny) to your clients and providers.

    Take a look

  6. I simply *LOVE* Calvo! (I imagine that after 35 years as a translator I also have some of his cynicism - apart from the beard).

    Curiously enough, I once experienced a similar situation, with a customer asking me for a document about one year later submitting the work. I told him that in accordance with my non-disclosure agreement I had destroyed the document immediately after being paid, but that I would be delighted to translate it again... as soon as he sent me the PO. ;)


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