Friday, May 11, 2012

13 Why some clients never provide feedback

clients never provide feedback
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Based on a real story.


  1. I love it. The BEST customers are those who never provide feedback.
    I receive feedback from some customers quite often. The problem is that it comes from impolite and very annoying proofreaders, who are paid to find non-existent errors and criticize my translations.

    Happy Friday to all!

  2. Ahh, perfect depiction of the disconnect between translators' little world and the Real World!

  3. Thank you Mox, nice end to a week in which clients have been quick to criticise but slow to praise!

  4. Awesome. I've recently had to translate art-related text that was going to be displayed in public. I've gone 3 times just to see 'how my translations are working.' It's the most beautiful feeling to see that people are actually reading your stuff thoroughly and that they find it interesting. And that they learn.

    It's doubly special when you remember that the source was poorly written and far too technical for a general audience.

    All things considered, I love my job.

    1. I had to translate art-related texts once (basically a lot of press releases regarding artists and an explanation of their work).

      Apart from the very poorly scanned half English, half Italian rollercoaster maintenance manual I once had to translate into Norwegian, those art texts were the most challenging thing I have ever translated! But it was fun to spend so much time writing and rewriting the texts until they were "artistic" enough, while at the same time being understandable :)

  5. Mox is sooooo sweet!!! :DDDD. I hope he will NEVER grow out of his idealism!

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  7. Now I know why my ballots are so poorly written in Spanish!!!! I think Google Translate would do a better job!!!

  8. Haha, now THAT's why I never ask WHY they liked my translation so much! ;)

  9. Oh, so true. I wish I translated less of what is meant for eternal shelf life...

  10. In the world of translation the main rule is: 'no news is good news'


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