Tuesday, June 12, 2012

8 Minor changes

minor changes in source texts
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Based on an idea by Bernadette Regnier, a certified English and Dutch into French translator. You may follow her in twitter at @francais_


  1. I have been there, until I learnt the language behind business transactions.

    Freelance translation dictionary:

    Minor changes = The document has been totally rewritten from scratch
    Acronym = Given that our company does not have any creative ideas, we invent new words
    Very urgent = My boss told me about this one week ago, but I forgot
    Don't worry = Do worry

  2. This reminds me of certain communications:

    Client: 'Hi, translator. I have 278 files to translate, please provide us with a quote.'

    Me: 'Sure, no problem. Could you please provide me the files in order to fulfill your request?'

    Client: 'Here I'm attaching 4 files. I will not send you the rest yet, because there are too many. Please provide us with a quote ASAP.'

    Me: *smacks forehead on every object in a 20-feet ratio*

  3. Another entry for the Glossary of Translating:

    "Proofreading" = proofwriting

  4. "Proofreading" = proofwriting - absolutely agree!

  5. Just now I am working on some "urgent minor changes" on a document I turned in about 2 months ago!

  6. I had the same situation just a week ago! This is so true!!!

  7. My two cents for the Glossary of Freelance Translation:
    "The check was posted yesterday" usually means "It's still on my desk and I'll post it tomorrow EOB" ;-(


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