Friday, June 22, 2012

10 Negotiating insulting offers

translator negotiates with translation agency
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  1. May I use Calvo's hilarious answer? I receive at least one insulting offer each week.

  2. Mimi, you could just send a link to this page in reply ;)

  3. Got one today: "1 yen per character preferred" : O All hail Calvo!!

  4. I know Calvo charges exorbitant rates, but if he's charging per word, in most currencies the issue is one of too many zeroes after the decimal, not at the end...

    1. Not if expressed in terms of eurocents. 5 cents per word would become 50 cents per word, which is maybe(?) enough for Calvo

  5. Insulting comment I received recently (for a proofreading job): "Oh, so you charge $0.03USD just for knowing how to read in Spanish? That's waaaay too much!" I wonder how Calvo would respond to that :P

  6. What I normally do, is meet all insulting offers with a stony silence...and of course, hitting the "delete" key with as much gusto as I am able to muster!

  7. I'm a salaried translator but I get insulting offers all the time from a range of outfits all over the world. Since I can't work for third parties anyway, I can go all Calvo on their ahem, assets.

    I have a lot of fun doing that, but I keep it plausible... i.e., fair rates, payment due ON delivery with HALF IN ADVANCE, NO fuzzy anything (can you imagine asking a lawyer for a discount based on "fuzzy matches" ... geeze). I know I can do this only because I have a "day job" so I'm not advocating this to anyone else... but dang it, it feels good, and it's what some people richly deserve! :))

  8. That's the Calvo we know and love! Let's add two zeroes at the end -- what the heck! :)


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