Tuesday, October 16, 2012

9 Requirements to be a translator

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Based on a true story (original in Spanish, also available in English).


  1. Someone who has never in her life done a translation work and normally works ina total different field asked me if I had any contacts in the translation business because "she felt like translating from time to time"...

  2. That's how I started, but Mox came into rescue!

  3. Mox with a drink and without computer :) I hope that's a beer and not orange juice!

  4. I love the way Mox introduces himself. It's clever, because people think he is going to say "... and I am a crack addict", or something, and then are so relieved when what he comes out with is "... a translator".

  5. The question would inevitably be followed by, "of course, I wouldn't want to do any boring commercial stuff..."

  6. Hello Mox !
    I found your blog earlier this year and this is the first time I'm posting a comment. I really like your comics :) when I first discovered your blog, I didn't understand half of what you were talking about (what with "crados" and other names changed) but now that I'm studying translation, it's like I can understand everything and it's quite funny how I didn't get it before ! Also, I understand a bit more what it means being a translator with your comics. Bye :)


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