Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Accountant for translators

cartoon accountant for translators
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Based on an idea by Joel Dechant. Joel  is a Japanese > English translator and interpreter based in Japan. I once asked Joel why he thought that Mox is very popular in the Western world, but not so much in Asia. He gave an interesting answer, which I'll share soon.


  1. I will include Italian lasagna, Brazilian coffee and French camembert in my expenses.

  2. Domo arigato for using my idea Alejandro!
    Viva Calvo!

  3. You mean, my cat's food and vet's expenses are not tax deductible as well? Hey, my cat keeps me sane so I can translate!

  4. I suppose that living in Germany I should be deducting beer and sausage. Too bad I only drink Belgian and English imports and gave up nasty meat....

  5. :) Can't wait to hear Joel's answer... :)
    ciao from Sicily, Italy

  6. Creative accounting ("kreatywna księgowość") - that's how we call it in Poland!

  7. It's called rationalizing guilty pleasures... just be creative when it comes to such expenses (magazines, trips, foods etc.)


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