Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 Dumb customers (II)

cartoon translation server error
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Inspired by a true story and also


  1. Haha, great! :)


  2. Poor translators try to sell their customers translated words/characters.

    Rich translators sell their customers a better relationship with their clients.

  3. :) The example I always give my students is the dairy industry slogan "Got Milk?" I have no idea what it cost to come up with this gem (I'm guessing BIG bucks), and I'm betting it didn't cost 50 cents to adapt it for other language markets.

  4. You're a genius! It's so funny because it's so true :)

  5. The example I often give my students is the slogan of the dairy industry and milk? "I do not know that it costs to come up with gems (I guess spending billions of dollars), and I bet it did not cost 50 cents to adapt to other languages market.

  6. I might be missing the point a little here, because the example I'm about to give has nothing to to with translation, it was only used in one country. But I remembered it when thinking about cool ads. I admired it for its simplicity and effectiveness. It was a little short ad on TV, just a few seconds. (what's the shortest ad an agency will do or a channel will accept?) It was for mobile telephones. ("Cell phones" if you are American.) It showed the telephone very briefly, being used by beautiful, happy, young women, stated the name of the product, and then just said calmly and matter-of-factly: "Žmonės šneka." (People are talking.)

  7. Nice story, Alejandro. I also came across that true story... but the background for it given in your comic strip is far more clarifying...


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