Tuesday, June 18, 2013

4 It's all based on statistics, after all

cartoon google gurgle translate statistics linguee
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Dedicated to Linguee, have you recently checked if it's available for your working pair?


  1. It's good to see Mox back after an extended break and this comic is right on the mark.

    As with my many saved bitexts, I find the art in using Linguee well is looking at where the translation comes from. A financial term I recently looked at there is wrong in almost all cases, and seems to have spread from a bad ProZ answer - the right one is there too, but on a better class of source website.

  2. I can relate to this situation. Your blog is really fantastic.

    Linguee is one of the best resources available on the Internet. Unfortunately, there is no such website in Hindi.

  3. Those are some interesting combinations! I've got to try this Gurgle thing out.

  4. Great comic! It's very funny but true!


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