Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7 Please confirm receipt

cartoon confirmation of receipt
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  1. Alternative ending: M: Please find the job attached. Please confirm safe receipt" -- three days later 'No confirmation' ;)

  2. Better still, when you receive no confirmation from the PM of ever having received your work, even when you specifically request confirmation in the email.

  3. I remember once back when I worked at a translation agency, we got an urgent translation job from another agency in another country. It arrived on Friday evening, they wanted it Monday morning, I had to find a translator who could do a rush job over the weekend. It was hellish and expensive, but we managed to deliver on time.

    Three MONTHS later I get a note from the agency saying, "Oh, by the way, that file you delivered? We can't open it; could you send a new version?" Seriously? And we all worked our butts off overnight and on a weekend to get it to you, and you didn't need it before NOW?

  4. I sent the link to this cartoon to my favourite agency client last week when I confirmed a job. We both already knew I was doing the job, but upon receipt of the Crados-mashable file, I felt I should formally confirm my acceptance of the job.
    She loved it!

  5. crying as I am laughing my hear off...


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