Tuesday, July 23, 2013

15 Where do translators come from?

cartoon translators are from another galaxy
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  1. Hi Alejandro! This is not the first time I feel you are talking about my life as a translator in your strip, but... this is too much! Look what I wrote yesterday: http://blog.bmartinez.com/index.php/2013/07/diccionario-terminos-medicos-ranm/

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  3. I know its not easy to be a translator, but whats the point if it's so hard to understand what they have translated ?? Why can't they use some simple ordinary words?

    1. Very funny, Result SEO.
      Translators cannot use simple, ordinary words because simple, ordinary words are not always the right ones to use.
      Imagine, for a moment, that someone searches for "website improvement services". It's not quite the same thing as "website optimisation services", is it?
      Terminology - that's why.

  4. Gotta love the translator humor that only the trained tongue can decipher !

  5. Puristas del diccionario ^^

  6. Where is Mox these days? I miss Mox.

  7. Mox, please come back!
    Hope all is well with you Alejandro!

  8. I was just thinking, I haven't read Mox's Blog in forever. Then I realized there have been no updates and I was sad.

  9. It is hard enough to find a Spanish-Finnish one. I know, I have tried.


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