Friday, March 2, 2018

4 Why is translator's life so complicated?


  1. I recognize this too well, I had a while ago a clash with an agency regarding a subtitle project. The source was revised and I was told to correct my translation accordingly. The agency refused to accept my "not applicable" to things as changes from "is" to "are" (it's the same in my language as verbs are not inflected due to number), nor did they understand that corrections of spelling, grammatical errors and punctuation in the source did not necessitate the same corrections in my translation. A very frustrating experience.

  2. How about a comic about the agency accountant who is always on vacation or out sick when it's time to pay invoices?

  3. Dolf, the thing about the corrections of spelling is very funny. It never happened to me. I'll try to make a strip out of that.

    Kenny, thank you for your comment. I think I already did such a cartoon long ago, but it's a great subject and I'll make sure to bring it back.


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