Wednesday, April 25, 2018

3 About online CAT tools


  1. LOL! I really shouldn't comment, because I've never used a CAT tool; all presentations of such software made me glassy-eyed and/or put me to sleep. Yeah, of course I know these tools are actually helpful. Maybe I'll give in and use the most user-friendly one available in my next incarnation ;-)

  2. I hate CAT tools on line. Unfortunately it seems becoming more and more frequent that the clients want you to use their special CAT tool. And I never see any advantages with it. You have to use a tool you are not used to, you can not load your own dictionaries or memories you have from earlier job (which is a pain when the thing you're supposed to do is related to earlier jobs) and the clients' CAT tools as a rule lack a lot of functionality, and even if the functionality is there, you can't find it or figure it out.

  3. Online CAT tools developed by agencies are the equivalent of a patient going to a dentist and telling him to use the pliers that the patient brought with himself.


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