Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 Without Internet

translator without internet


  1. Verídico. Mi perra también se comió el cable de la conexión a internet, de hecho, por lo que me comentó el técnico que vino a arreglar el desaguisado, debe ser bastante frecuente. Afortunadamente, yo no tenía una entrega urgente ;)

  2. This actually happened to me recently. My cat, annoyed that I was ignoring him to focus on translation work, chewed through the power cord to my wireless hub!

  3. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... this is ME!!

    Muchissimas gracias, Alejandro!

  4. I like this... You know, we also have a turtle (along with three cats), but this is exactly what I would have tried to do sometimes - the coffee shop is another one as we don't have (alas) any SB in Finland.

  5. Well, that's real life. My kitten ate the phone connection of the ASDL router, and the cable of my mouse. I can be forgiving with the latter (after, all, it's a cat), but the former I must frown upon. But a turtle? Good laugh!


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