Monday, May 11, 2009

6 5000 words for tomorrow

An homage to Sharon Neeman, author of the funniest song I've ever heard

based on the song 5000 words for tomorrow


  1. Oh, the cute turtle is still around!
    I do have a pet, a lovely and furry black cat named Xica.

    Coincidence or not, most part of the translators I know have a pet, especially cats. They are smart, independent, friendly(sometimes snobby), and never interrupt you to take a walk outside to go pee.

    You should try. But I warn you: once you fall in love with it, there's no way back.

  2. I loved it! Thank you, Alejandro. And the turtle is the perfect touch.

    Hmmm... what's next? The 5000 Words Movie? ;-)

  3. Excelente, nos encantaron tus caricaturas. Acabamos de descubrir tu blog por un comentario que nos dejó Tom (el Wor(l)-d Weary Translator) y vimos que tu blog aparece como uno de sus favoritos. Está excelente, lo vamos a poner como uno de nuestros favoritos. Por cierto, mi compañera "traductora" (más bien, dormilona) en la casa es una perra de 90 libras, Luna, y la de mi gemela es una gatita, Junia, quien solía vivir en Las Vegas pero se fue a vivir a Viena (quería más cultura).

    BTW, we never accept unreasonable deadlines -- it's bad for all parties involved, and we usually do four drafts of everything, hence slowing down the process and perfecting the quality assurance process. I love the "you will send a check on Friday?" -- good food for thought. If it's a rush project, perhaps payment should also be rush?

  4. Ju: I'm tempted to try, but never with a cat. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to them.

    Chiara: I'm planning to have a vegetable garden too. It's great to have a potential source of advice.

    Sharon: don't rush. The natural order is song, cartoon, book, movie and finally musical ;)

    Judy and Dagmar: muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios. ¡Qué equipo tan simpático hacéis!
    I fully agree with your ideas about deadlines. Regarding the "you will send a check on Friday", it's on "5000 words for tomorrow", by Sharon Neeman.

  5. jejeje, es muy divertido me gusta mucho... supongo que toda la gracia será que todos tenemos anecdotas con las que nos podemos identificar con las aventuras que ocurren a este traductor.
    Gracias por hacer divertidos las peores pesadillas de este trabajo.


  6. Muy divertido, y real como la vida misma.
    un saludo,



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