Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3 Random changes

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Based on an idea by Pippa Sandford. Pippa is a French & Italian to English medical translator with more than 25 years of experience in translation.


  1. Just wanted to thank you for your comics, I'm a freelance too and my wife is now your fan.
    On the topic, I've experienced several times that corrections are made with no good reasons. I guess the editor has to justify his/her paycheck...

  2. Haha, quite true, but sometimes I wonder whether they use human editors at all, on occasion the "editing" is so bad that you wonder whether they used a machine translation to "correct" yours!
    Keep going, Alejandro, your comic is quite often a much needed fresh air for those of us that work in this profession!

  3. Hi Alejandro and visitors,

    This is an interesting topic to deal with. I usually work both as translator and proofreader and I identify with the content of the strip. I understand that editors and proofreaders want to prove that they have worked hard on the text. However, I strongly support the way of proofreading by sending well-explained comments on the changes made. I could talk about all kind of experiences: good proofreaders who only modify what is necessary; bad proofreaders/editors who change what they feel like even when they do not have any experience in the field at all and also bad translators who submit translation without even using the spell check function.

    Of course, the comment-validation system is very time-consuming and this is the reason why many project managers do not like it. However, I think is the most appropriate,


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