Wednesday, February 17, 2010

6 Too much work

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Based on an idea by Dallas Cao, an English to Chinese translator based in Jiangsu. Dallas have very in-depth knowledge of computer science and has designed a wonderful piece of software: GT4T.


  1. Haha, we've mixed up the days, but at least never the seasons... Mox needs a vacation in sunny Spain, maybe Mallorca?

  2. Your humor is invigorating. I laughed out loud at this one.
    Can I also post this sketch on my blog and link to your for credits? I'm a English and German to Romanian translator.

  3. Hi anatati,

    Thanks for your comment. Please, feel free to post it in your blog. I visited it but I didn't understand a word :)

  4. Once I realized it was snowing outside by looking at a news portal on my notebook - then I turned 90% to the right to look out of the window. Indeed it was snowing :)

    1. It's been more than a year, but thank you for this comment. I'll draw a cartoon based on it.


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