Tuesday, March 9, 2010

6 Educating the customer

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This cartoon is based on an hilarious true story. Visit Patricia Lane's blog to read it in full!
Patricia is a French to English translator and copywriter specialized in cross-cultural corporate communications and marketing.


  1. Anonymous translatorMarch 9, 2010 at 6:33 PM

    Very true! Today, you hit the head of the nail so hard, you bent the nail! *grin*

  2. Nice one!
    By the way, my blog is moving to http://www.anothertranslator.eu/blog. If you can update your bookmarks, that'll be nice. Hope you'll like my new site!

  3. Hi Mox, lovely cartoon, I hope you don't mind but I copied it to my blog at http://matsnews.blogspot.com/ - if it's a problem let me know and I'll whisk it down.

  4. Heh, sounds familiar... ;)

    I remember when one customer complained that I had sent the wrong document because the title was one single word (in German, and a whole line long) and my translation was a whole sentence, one and a half lines long... obviously, he did no speak German! 8>)

  5. Brilliant!! They normally ask me to reduce the length of my Spanish text because it is too long XD


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