Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4 How to get paid

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Published originally in the March issue of The ATA Chronicle, to illustrate a must-read article by Judy Jenner.


  1. Great cartoon! And unfortunately this is all too common! Personally I have, thankfully, only experienced this situation twice. I find that the best thing to do is to demand a bank transfer receipt (I don't accept cheques, mostly for the reason shown above!). That has always worked for me-it's hard to fake a document from the bank!

  2. yeah thats true , you better be careful..;)
    Have you heard about is a website where anyone can get an international blog and every entry, email and group is translated into 28 different languages for free. It's awesome, finally a world without language barriers!

  3. One of my favorite cartoons, for sure. BTW, Alejandro: showed your cartoons this weekend at conferences in Chicago and Philly (during my presentations), and everyone loved them -- no surprise there. :)

  4. ARRRGFF!!

    I'm chasing after a client!! They NEVER get back to me and don't answer my calls... Plus, they just recently changed their payment methods (delaying it, of course) and I'm really pissed-off!!!


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