Monday, May 3, 2010

12 Wordless communication

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Dedicated to my "old" wife, Hélène, who turned 30 today.


  1. ya sabes cuanto... (L°

  2. Uy, qué romántico. Mil felicidades, Helene. Se ve que tienes un esposo quien te adora.

  3. Ah, BTW -- we nominated you for the Top 100 Language Blogs. ;) Mira:

  4. How nice, Alejandro!

    But for those of you that speak French, I also recommend that you read the other side of the coin (also by Mox) in Lena's blog (

    Alejandro, congratulate your own Lena on our behalf!

  5. Judy/Dagmar, thanks a lot for the nomination.

    Ramón, my own Lena says thank you :)

  6. How cute! Love your blog Alejandro. Congratulations to Helene.

  7. This is lovely. And happy birthday, Hélène.

  8. A suggestion for another comic:

    Boss to evil PM: "We need to increase our cash flow"
    Evil PM: "No problem, boss"
    Evil PM to Translators: "Dear Valued Partners. We have changed accounting standards. Please resend your invoices."
    Mox to Evil PM: "Sure, when will I be paid?"
    Evil PM to Mox: "As usual. 60 days end of month... starting from the invoice date."

  9. That is really funny! It is not necessary that the communication is in written or verbal mode. Communication can be in any even the eye reading is a mode of communication. When on interact with other in any mode becomes a communication, if I'm not wrong.

  10. Thank you, your blog is so great!


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