Thursday, October 28, 2010

11 Do you need a new monitor?

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  1. Or two monitors, and a new pair of eyes)))

    This one is really funny and true to life. (:

    There's no space left for the browser and at least two desktop dictionaries. :(

  2. haha!!! so funny! I also think i need a better job ...

  3. Author Sir Terry Pratchett used to work with 6 monitors. He's probably using fewer these days, though.

  4. The giveaway is the CAT programme menu in the taskbar underneath the cartoon...

    Time to switch to Déjà Vu!! :)

  5. Recently a colleague changed (sorry, "updated") his monitor to one of those 40" LCD TV's... He says it's great for his eyes. Great, yeah.

  6. Charlotte and Hathors, thanks a lot for your comments :)

    Mikhailo, I totally agree.

    Jordi B, thanks for the picture, it's quite impressive! I didn't know about his disease, poor guy.

    Eutychus, very subtle! I keep telling my customers that they should avoid Crados, but they do not listen to me...

    Erik, haha, that reminds me of next strip... Did you read my mind? :)

  7. Hahaha, that's exactly how my monitor looks like after the last Crados update ;-) I've been even thinking lately to connect the computer to the projector and use the largest wall in the house as a screen... well, the largest wall a translator's apartment can offer (that will be the second challenge).

  8. I like the Firefox Mail stuff :)))
    My reality is slightly different. My Gmail (I'm a PM) often pops up with "rush 3000 words for tomorrow 9 am for your price and I accept your urgency charge" when all my in-house staff have already left and since we don't work with freelancers, I have to contact all my translators and try to persuade at least three of them plus one editor to work late in the evening and early in the morning. They are so capricious with their 9-17 or 8-16 schedule.

  9. Great! I have two monitors and it's not enough now!

  10. Without a doubt, the best part is: 6000 words for tomorrow; Urgent project "@ USD 0.01"... so sad and so true. Thanks for laughs!


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