Friday, November 11, 2011

8 How to deal with discount demands

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  1. "Puente de León" :) It's been already a year since the infamous letter!

    Calvo, you are my hero. I love how you remain indomitable in all situations.

  2. Hi, just today ditched a customer because of their continuous demands to grant a discount (based on the well-known "market situation" argument …) I told them that the decent money for decent work principle still works.

  3. I think that "Puente de León" *demanded* a discount, they didn't even use the word "request"... ;)

  4. The "market situation" argument does not hold any water as my "market situation" has been improving without the help of any large felines.

  5. There was a Lion
    The Lion had a Bridge
    That lead right to the island
    Through which it could be reached.

    The lion had a lot of friends
    Who filled his life with glee
    Until he started charging them
    For crossing over sea.

    There is a lonely island
    Across a lonely bridge
    Where lives the lonely lion
    Unwilling to be reached.

  6. The translation industry has been growing at a rate of 11% for the last 5 years (despite the world wide recession). The old market situation argument is just an opportunistic business trying to make a bigger margin. That is coming from the owner of an agency ;)

    I've kept paying our team the same rates as we value our long term, consistent suppliers and to be successful you need collaboration in both directions.

  7. Oops... I just realized the hidden pun with the agency's name. Really good!

    (Non-Spanish speakers: look the words up in Google translate).


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