Friday, December 23, 2011

8 How direct clients ask for translation quotes

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Based on an idea by André Höchemer. André is an English and Spanish to German translator based in Spain who defines himself as an Alemol. Would you like to know what an Alemol is? Visit his blog to find out (only in German and Spanish)!


  1. Well done Mox! He's no longer as hapless as he used to be!

  2. "The subject is A LITTLE BIT technical..." :)

  3. Might try to apply Mox's technique next time! Superb!

  4. Delicious, Alejandro! I am strongly tempted to provide that response to some stupid (not evil) agency I have right now!

  5. Hey Mox,
    Congrats for your interview on Translator T.O. (!
    And I look forward to your next book at the end of 2012.
    Merry Christmas,

  6. I'll send you the more or less 15 or 20 pages this afternoon (actually 39 pages, legal, in font 8). The topic is not very technical (if you have an advanced degree in applied genetics AND bio-engineering). Oh, by the way, we need it before 5 to prepare the document package for our conference in 9 months and, could you give us a special frequent client discount? We MIGHT be sending you some more work sometime during the next decade.

  7. So familiar!
    Just a few A4 pages (:

  8. The best answer ever, I must try this one out.
    By the way, I received the book as a present and I love it, great work!


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