Friday, January 6, 2012

9 Danger of spelling mistakes

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Did you know that there are seven more circles of translator hell? You must be a good translator in order to avoid ending up in one of them! Learn more about translator hell in Mox's Illustrated Guide to Freelance Translation.


  1. Well, Saint Jerome is going to translator hell as well. He said "committ". But then, he said it, he didn't write it, so maybe it doesn't count. :)))

  2. Oops... I better quickly spell-check (again) the translation I was just going to send out... ;)

  3. Maria, it was just once, not twice ;)

  4. A double mistake of combining "dis" and "sapointing", and omitting another "p".

  5. Thanks Maria K!

    don't know abaut St Jerome, but i am gonig to translattor hell for sur.

  6. "Learn more about translator hell in Mox's Illustrated Guide to Freelance Translation."

    Why is it you learn nothing more about Mox's Illustrated Guide to Freelance Translation by following the link? It just takes you to a translator's site which contains no information about the guide.

  7. Suggestion for cartoon: translator heaven, where Crados does not exist, please.

    Mox, no new strip today? I noticed you posted regularly last weeks on Tuesdays and Fridays...

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, God, I love your strips!

    PD There could be a nice strip about Chinese-whatever translators and their gradual, mild? sight impairment. Just an idea.


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