Friday, January 20, 2012

11 Translators, first victims of marketing

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Based on an idea by Mykhailo Voloshko.


  1. Been there (in Mox's shoes)! :)
    I once had to test Blackberry interface, and was very tempted to buy one when I needed a smart phone. And I still hope to buy some food supplements I was translating a year ago! :)
    I guess, when you've read a marketing text half a dozen times (translating, proofreading, checking, double-checking, copyediting...), its suggestive powers become simply irrestistible!

    1. For some products or services, I have exactly the opposite reaction: those marketing texts are sometimes so smarmy and it is sometimes so painful for a technical translator to translate the "poetic" and thrilled contents, that translating them me hate the product or the company.

    2. I meant "translating them makes me hate the product or the company".

  2. Same here, same here... again!

  3. I am Mox! Female latina version... but Mox!

  4. Brilliant as usual. We recognize ourselves for sure.... :)

  5. I am MOX!!!
    But usually people follow my advice!!!

  6. I find the same thing, when I've managed a few products for a customer, I tend to be drawn to their products on shelves. You definitely start to feel very involved after a while!

    Great blog, much enjoy reading it.


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