Tuesday, February 7, 2012

9 Welcome to the real world (II)

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Based on an idea by Vadim Poguliaev, an English to Russian translator and engineer. I encourage you all to visit his blog and read the hilarious post on which this strip is based.


  1. ¡Jajajaja! Cierto como la vida misma...

  2. Nice! Dear Mox, when reading your adventures from my lonely worktower, I feel you are one of my best friends. I know this is both sad and funny :)

  3. Mox/Alejandro, you should write a book called "Welcome to the real world", targeted to recent graduate translators. It would open their eyes to real practices and as a consequence would help the translation community as a whole.

  4. Excellent! You're a genius Alejandro :)

  5. Thanks for the laugh, Alejandro.
    I saw this in real life only this morning. I received an email from an agency - sent to all its translators - asking us to lower our rates to €0.06/word. (OK, so the unilaterally requiring bit was reworded). The question is, what sort of translators are they going to get left with?

    1. Isn't the question rather whether you informed that agency that due to inflation you will instead raise your rates by 1 cent every other year, starting in a month/week/next New Year's? (for me roughly 8-9% -or nearest half a cent- every 3 years does the trick)

      That's real world unilateralism for them:)

  6. Very nice, thanks! Here's another take from a graphic designer's point of view: http://ninni.sarjakuvablogit.com/2012/01/04/asiakkaan-logiikka-osa-i-clients-logic-part-i/

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  8. Got it the wrong way first. It's hilarious ;)


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