Friday, March 30, 2012

10 Date with a translator

Date with a translator
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Based on an idea by Aida González Del Álamo, an Italian and English to Spanish translator. Her original post (Spanish) is a must read. Two nice colleagues translated it later into English and Italian for their own blogs.


  1. My man goes nuts when I ask for more context each time he wants me to translate a random word he doesn't understand while surfing on the Internet...

    1. Same here!! And he goes even more nuts when I end the exchange with a lecture about the importance of context, the pitfalls of translation, the fact that I'm not a walking dictionary, that I'm not asking for more context because I just don't KNOW what the word means, etc. :-))

    2. Hahaha!!!! Exactly the same here!!! "Wht dya mean you don't know that word?!"

  2. My friend Ivan, who has worked with me on the booth many times, gave me the Moox book as a Christmas present, so you can imagine how happy you have made me with the mention.
    I did have a similar experience with stars and a date that was a bit surprised by the weird facts I was telling him non-stop about stars and tides, because I had just done an interpreting project on the subject.

  3. By the way, the post was translated into English and Italian by two blogs, if anyone wants to read them, I leave here the links of the two nice colleagues that dedicated their time to do the translation:

    5 things you should know before dating a translator:

    Le cinque cose da sapere prima di uscire con un traduttore/interprete:

  4. Thank you, Aida, I may steal some other of your ideas for future cartoons.

    I added the links to the post.

  5. Please, steal away (I will be honoured)

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  7. hahahahahahahah lovely it's soooo true! and appart from that, our partners must handle with so many linguistic words linked with normal situations hahaha


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