Tuesday, March 27, 2012

5 Why you work 12 hours per day

Why you work 12 hours per day
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  1. That's both funny and sad because I realized that I am Mox! I work every single day of the week and I am tired every single day. Sometimes I am already tired when I wake up because I stayed late up last night.

    I love to blame other translators or clients but at the end it is my fault.

  2. I love it when I feel like I'm Calvo :)

  3. Poor Mox :)

    They should post this on endless forums at Proz where everbody complains about low rates.

  4. We really feel for poor Mox, but we agree with @Richard: we are usually Calvo (although are rates are professional and fair, certainly not abusive -- but how much is considered abusive?) We do work quite a bit, but take a lot of time for fun things, too. We get plenty of time off for travel, and we do charge adequate rates that allow us to spend lots of time on an individual project rather than rush through it and have to stay up all night working on a variety of projects. Let's start a "revolution": how about dropping one low-paying client this year? Spend the time looking for a top-notch customer who values your work and who's willing to pay a professional fee for your services. Trust us, the clients are out there. There sure is a lot of complaining about low rates going on, isn't there? Ultimately, @A.R. is right: it is our fault if we accept low rates. Complaining about it can be entertaining for a while, but doing something to change it is even better. :)

  5. We must all admit that abusive rates are our dream :)


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