Friday, March 23, 2012

12 Things to keep to yourself

Thinkg to keep to yourself
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  1. Ahahaha!!!
    Will Mox meet his deadline? Are there computers in prison? Will the cop call an ambulance and try to resurrect the guy called Crados?

  2. Nah, drug dealers recieve constant visits, translators on the other hand... :)

  3. This gave me a good laugh... and I really needed one!
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Agree. This morning I found myself thinking: "It's Friday. So what? I'll be working tomorrow. On the other hand, at least we'll have a new Mox's cartoon". That thought cheered me up a little.

      PS. I work too much. The money is good (almost 5k net per month), but I don't even have a girlfriend who can spend it :)

  4. My Crados just trashed today (sigh), but this made me laugh nonetheless. Thanks!

  5. "Monday 3am"; "the deadline is tomorrow"...

    Mox, are you sure the deadline isn't in about six hours' time?

    (And this is why I use Déjà Vu).

  6. This hit home, because yesterday I finally completed a fairly large project in which Crados did create the 26 bilingual files but refused to clean up any of them. I finally had to resort to using my older CAT tool that is supposedly much more primitive than Crados but often seems to work much better.

  7. I think my neighbour have been tempted several times to do the same, with the many curses and murder threats I have been hurling while using "GetCross".

  8. I am happy to see that I am not the only one to give way to my "Mediterranean" temperament, BTW.

  9. :-) Think I've just chasen away a major client by telling him I don't want to work with his Trashos eum Crados anymore. Too bad but at least I'll be living a year longer now.

  10. Ah, I did this once, but not with Crados (which I always had astonishingly good luck with). It was a subtitling program that had a ridiculous bug where, when you create a new file and save it for the first time, it proposes the exact same file name as the previous file you used. And I saved a new, blank file over a completed file representing about ten hours of work. Completely irretrievable; I had to do it all again. I had never actually screamed at the top of my lungs before. I did it several times that day when I realized what I'd done.

    BTW, I switched from Crados to memoQ almost a year ago. Best decision I ever made. I was going to try to make up a funny sound-alike name for it like Crados, but I didn't know how many people would recognize it. Look it up -- it's good!

  11. It cheered me up too! Thanks Mox!


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