Tuesday, April 10, 2012

7 Optimization techniques for agencies' automated systems

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  1. Two Thai and two Klingon characters! :-D

    The last point, asking for feedback and then crashing when you try to give it, has happened to me with Gmail...

    1. Useless facts: QuarkXpress used to have a Jabberwocky function that would have made writing those two Klingon characters much easier :-).

  2. And then make sure that the system only works in Internet Explorer, so that all translators that normally use other browsers will have to open a separate one for this purpose only!

  3. I was asked once by an agency to TRANSLATE the user interface and the manual of their crappy IT system FOR FREE. And it was more than 3200 words!

  4. This happened to me recently, I had to fire this agency which had a torture system for translators and thought to be incredibly organized instead. They were literally driving me NUTS! I feel like sending them this link now!

  5. This time you really hit one of my biggest pet peeves!!! But you left out a key component: Send out the instructions in German so that all non-German readers have to request an English version in which you can just hear the German behind it and see it, with all those commas before "that".

  6. This is not funny - it's simply a factual and accurate description of how many agencies work ... Am I allowed to mention names? There is one based in Denmark, with branch offices in several northern European countries. I am sure many of you will know which one I mean. But of course, the same is true for several multinational agencies headquartered in New York.
    John Kinory


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