Friday, April 27, 2012

10 Why translators will be replaced by machine translation

why translators will be replaced by machine translation
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Based on an idea by Margret Orf. Margret is a certified Spanish<>German translator and lives in Barcelona with her son Daniel and her two bilingual cats, Sort and Litsi.


  1. Oh, this is soooo true ! Sometimes I get the impression that the client is offended if I point out some errors in their text!

    1. Not an impression but a fact! xD Great Mox, as always :)

  2. I've been very lucky! My clients are generally pleased that I point things out -- it gives added value to the translation, improving their original document as well.

    One of my favorite replies when I ask questions about something unclear in a technical manual I'm translating is: "Oh, just leave it out." I can't tell you how many times a client has told me that! Hello, it's in there for a reason! They were trying to say SOMETHING! :-D

  3. Mir geht es wie Jennifer - in beiden Punkten. :)

  4. Even lawyers goof it up sometimes. Several times I have seen "Auftraggeber" (=client) and "Auftragnehmer (=contractor) switched in a provision of a contract. In a contract it MIGHT JUST BE IMPORTANT to get it right (who does what? who pays for what?). The lawyers are invariably thankful when I point out such errors (although I try to do it delicately, suggesting that they might like to check whether what they wrote was really what they wanted to write).

  5. Translating audit reports and financial statements, I've come across documents that are missing USD 1M and more. I usually check and double-check the numbers, trying to find where the error is and I let my clients know about it. They've thanked me, of course. Unfortunately, I've never found an extra million dollars in the item "Translations and other monkey work."

  6. Sadly, agencies like this really do exist...

  7. congratulations!!!

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