Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4 Moxish or why translators often speak alone

translators love to invent new languages
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  1. The idea has crossed my mind...but I have no time to make it happen, I have 3000 words to be translated first thing tomorrow ;)

  2. Ever heard about Europanto? Have a look here:

  3. Give me a hint when the first dictionary and grammar is published... I might offer my services from/into that language! (BTW, I don't mind being the second native speaker) ;)

  4. Hover, Mox lovers, hover! Did you see the hover comment in the last picture of the panel? It says "Moxish is inflected, tonal, has 9 gramamtical genders and 22 noun cases".
    Lena reminds me of my partner. I am learning slowly to keep my mouth shut about the things that excite me most about the translation process. :)I do have occasional relapses though.


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