Tuesday, January 29, 2013

11 How to multiply your revenue combining translation and interpreting

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  1. Actually, that would reduce your interpreting rates. Conference interpreters tend to earn more per day than translators but often work less. However, Public Service/Community interpreters earn a whole lot less. Shocking, given how hard they work.

    1. ??? I'm not sure you understood. or maybe I didn't understand you.

      With the logics of the cartoon, and taking into account that interpreters often interpret 150 words per minute, if Calvo interpreted 30 minutes at a miserable rate of 0.15 per word, he'd make 775 EUR.

    2. That if Calvo only did one shift a day, but let's assume he'd go into the booth several times... Yep, definitely higher than the standard rate of an interpreter!

  2. 0.15pw? Welsh translators can only dream of that sort of money: we're lucky to get 0.05 half the time!

  3. Interpreters in the US are paid hourly and translators usually charge by word.

  4. Per day, in order of who gets more, it would be:
    Conference interpreters
    Public service/community interpreters


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