Friday, September 16, 2011

6 Mox vs. Lamebook

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Despite his mistrust, Mox finally joined Facebook Lamebook, visit Mox's blog facebook page right away!

Mox is on Twitter too!


  1. The FB-link in your post goes to a Proz profile page...

  2. Great move, Mox (Alejandro)!

    Even the day to join Lamebook (facebook) is perfect. I love spending (wasting) time on Lamebook (facebook) on Fridays!

  3. In my experience the agencies and clients paying the least are the most demanding and ask for freebies on top from proofreaders or translators like content editing, formatting etc…

    “My cleaning lady earns more than I do” here:

  4. Thanks for the post. By the way, I didn't quite get what makes you not trust them. Just because they crowdsource translation? I wish I had a bit more elaborated explanation. However, thanks for bringing it up. It does beg a lot of attention especially to a translator like myself.


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