Tuesday, November 22, 2011

8 Future of translation in 50 years

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Coming soon: Mox's illustrated guide to freelance translation.


  1. If we don't feed the machine, what you say is possible!

  2. I agree with Aurora. Please don't feed the machine, it translates like an impaired monkey, but the monkey is hungry and is our enemy :)

    Having said that, I remember that some responsible at Google explained that they have reached a point where doubling the available data only adds 0,5% to the accuracy of Google translation.

  3. As an impaired monkey slut, if you allow the Misfits reference :)

  4. There's worse than Google around. Wanna-be translators which translate worse than Google and they even get paid for it. At least Google Translate is free"

  5. Hello,

    I can`t believe that I saw your great cartoons the first time yesterday :-)

    Regards from Munich, Bavaria. From a freelance translator with similar problems and the same opinion :-)


  6. Back in 1983, I was requested by my then employer to evaluate Systran, and I was told that I was so lucky to be on the verge of having an engineer's degree, "because in two or three years machine translation will have replaced all translators".

    Still waiting ;)

  7. Oh, hilarious! And it features our favorite character, Mina. We love it as always. Brilliant stuff!


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