Friday, November 25, 2011

10 Signs of a future interpreter

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More signs of a future intepreter/translator coming soon in Mox's illustrated guide to freelance translation.


  1. I love it!
    As a child, I used to exchange messages written in Morse and Javanese codes with my aunts. That's how I discovered, around the age of 10, the pleasure and excitment of deciphering, understanding and rephrase cabbalistic messages...

  2. :)

    I still do that, seriously. We have a special sense to interpret what babies say. At least I have.

    Glad you posted this, I thought you had forgotten about us interpreters :)

  3. Little Mox is so cute!

    Sophie, what a great way to discover linguistics at such an early age. Impressive.

  4. Ha, ha, ha! Brilliant! Now I know why I am a translator. I was never able to understand babies but I could understand letters written with horrible handwriting :)

  5. My sister's husband was just saying the other day that his 4 year old daughter was answering his 1.5 year old daughter during play, while he couldn't understand a thing.

  6. Looks like my kid... She is a daughter of two translators, anyway. Genes matter... :)

  7. Except a true interpreter never says "s/he says."


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